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We have study abroad programs around the globe ranging from a few weeks to an entire semester.


Partner Universities

Our partner universities are among the most highly recognized business schools in the world.



Your tuition while studying abroad for a semester is thousands of dollars less than your normal tuition.


Professional Development

Study abroad gives you a competitive advantage in the job market.

Lifelong Memories

Study abroad is life changing.

Business Courses

Our semester programs have many transferable business core and major classes.


Application & Preparation

Our staff can help you choose the perfect program.

Getting Started

Global Network

Study abroad helps build your global network and expand your world view.


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Better Because of Illinois
  • #3 preferred institution for recruiters Wall Street Journal
  • Students who study abroad through the College of Business typically pay about $1,800 in tuition during their semester abroad
  • Top ten public undergraduate business college US News & World Reports

Welcome to the College of Business Study Abroad programs

The College of Business is committed to preparing students to work and compete in an international business environment. By participating in a study abroad program you can give yourself a competitive edge in the job market. Employers now seek out individuals who have had international experience. As more and more opportunities are being offered by the College of Business and the campus, there is little excuse for graduates in today's job market to lack exposure to the international business environment. Developing an understanding of the world beyond the boundaries of the United States is an advantage to anyone in a business career, which is why the College of Business has a goal of having 100% study abroad participation.

Did you know that for most of the College of Business semester programs, you would pay Range IV tuition instead of the regular full price of tuition? Studying in another country might be cheaper than you realized. If you normally pay out-of-state tuition, there are definitely options through the College of Business that will be cheaper than a semester at UIUC.

There are many opportunities for College of Business students to study abroad. Students have the option of studying abroad for a few weeks, a summer, a semester, or the entire academic year.  In addition to programs sponsored by the College of Business, the University of Illinois has hundreds off study abroad options to choose from.

Make an appointment with Dean Gozdziak in 1055 BIF to learn what study abroad option would be best for you.

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