Semester Study Abroad Opportunities



These programs are only available for undergrad students in the College of Business. Application deadlines for all semester study abroad programs are Feb. 15th and Sept. 15th of the semester prior to studying abroad. All of our programs offer a sufficient number of courses in English. Some programs also offer classes in the home language of the country. You will be able to take business courses in all of our study abroad programs. At some institutions, you will also be able to take courses that meet general education requirements. We recommend that you apply for a study abroad program as early as you can in your studies at the University of Illinois, so that you will have enough flexibility in your schedule to get the most out of your study abroad experience.

Study abroad spots are given out first in the fall. Any remaining spots will be given in the spring. If location is your highest priority, you will want to apply to study abroad in the fall.

If finances are an important consideration, please keep in mind that the U.K, Norway and The Netherlands all have a high cost of living compared to the U.S. Also, housing in London and Paris, because of their locations, is more expensive than the housing on our other programs. Our most cost-effective programs are those located in Asia.


  • All programs have a required minimum GPA of 3.0
  • These programs are only open to current students in the College of Business.
  • These programs are not open to freshmen, and it is strongly recommended that students in their last semester not participate, because graduation will be delayed.
  • Students can only study abroad one semester through the College of Business programs. If you would like to study abroad for multiple semesters, you will need to go through the campus study abroad office.