Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs 2015-2016

If you are interested in these trips, please visit Business International Programs in 1055 BIF or contact the chaperones directly.

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application deadline for most winter break programs is Sept. 15


-International business plan competition for selected students from the T&M program

Turkey/Spain (Price: $3,000)

-Prof. Shahbaz Gill. Business dynamics in developing European economies.

India: EWoB (Price: 2,750)

                -An international immersion experience for students in Entrepreneurs Without Borders and the PMBA


Sustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces
Chennai, Pondicherry, Delhi, Agra
Madhu Viswanathan and Christine Gozdziak
20 students
4 credit hours
Madhu Viswanathan
BADM 395 or 532

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Students in business, engineering, and industrial design spend the fall semester understanding subsistence marketplaces through immersion in this context and through emersion of business principles. The final weeks of the semester are spent on designing market research to be conducted during a field trip.   The class travels to India over winter break to conduct market research on this target group. Students observe households in urban and rural subsistence contexts, as well as retail and wholesale outlets.  They interview low-literate, low-income individuals in urban and rural settings regarding product ideas for group projects.  Students also visit educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporations engaged in the development of innovative programs and technologies for subsistence contexts.  The field trip geared to visiting the environment of the urban and rural poor requires considerable planning and rehearsal, and has been a transformative learning experience for the students.  Spring semester is spent converting concepts to workable prototypes, and developing manufacturing, marketing and business plans.

Global Business Brigades to Panama or Honduras
Torti, Panama
Todd Sweet and Dan Bacon
January 10-16
28 students
BUS 199, 1 credit hour (CR/NC)
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Open to students from any major who are in the Global Brusiness Brigades RSO

Global Business Brigades (GBB) is the world’s largest student-led international development organization. As a secular, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, GBB empowers university students and young professionals nation-wide to provide communities in developing countries with sustainable solutions that improve quality of life while respecting local culture and improving the environment. Working with GBB, approximately 50 undergraduates from the Illinois College of Business will develop and delivered lessons on financial literacy, small business consulting, and personalized micro-enterprise training for entrepreneurs in the indigenous communities of Panama. It is a life-changing experience for students who observe first-hand the extreme poverty of the indigenous populations of Panama, as well as the potential of successful entrepreneurs to improve the lives of their family and community members.

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application deadline for most winter break programs is Sept. 15

Sustainability Through Business
San Jose and Quepos, Costa Rica
12 students
BUS 199, 1 credit hour
Chaperones: Dan Anderson

“Sustainability.” The word is everywhere, but what does it really mean and how are businesses addressing the wide array of environmental, social and economic issues that fall under the sustainability umbrella? This 2015 Spring Break trip to Costa Rica will explore the concept of sustainability in an international setting. There will be company visits and experiential learning mixed with cultural and recreational opportunities. Company visits will focus on what companies are doing to address environmental, social and economic issues related to sustainability. Costa Rica is a country that has capitalized on environmental conservation and ecotourism. You will explore how this beautiful country has transformed itself into a leader of international conservation.


Argentina (Price: 1,950)

                -An international immersion experience for students in Entrepreneurs Without Borders and the PMBA


Peru (Price: $2,900)

                -Prof Shahbaz Gill. Business dynamics in a developing South American economy

United Arab Emirates: Business Honors Program (Price: $3,000)

                -Asst Dean Rich Johnson. Reserved for Business Honors Students to explore various business

and cultural aspects of the UAE.

Executive MBA Trip to China
Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and Hong Kong
BADM 590, 4 credit hours
Open to students taking the capstone course in the Executive MBA

The Capstone Course is the final course students complete in the Illinois EMBA. This course is layered across several curriculum modules and to several courses. It culminates with a week-long business immersion trip to China. The course is project-based and teams of students work to solve real-world business problems for executives at a variety of companies operating in China.

The international immersion experience provides direct exposure to the nature of international business, emerging markets, and the issues faced by executives managing enterprises in emerging and international markets. The trip helps students to connect the international context with the management of business and how effective executives succeed in challenging business environments.



BUS Honors Trip to Southeast Asia
Singapore and Malaysia
BADM 394, 4 credit hours

Led by Rich Johnson, Dan Anderson, Kirsten Bartels and Cynthia Wong

Open to freshmen in the Business Honors program

Freshmen in the Business Honors program spend spring semester in a class with the Honors Dean primarily studying the country they will be visiting as well as the business practices and the political environment. The trip is a combination of lectures at a local university, diverse corporate visits, and cultural enrichment.

Business Honors Program


T&M Trip to China
BUS 199, 3 credit hours
Led by John Quarton

Open to T&M minors

The Hoeft Technology & Management program’s global immersion trip provides T&M students with an international business experience through a simulated business trip to China organized around multiple corporate visits.  Students develop an awareness of the global nature of business, and experience firsthand the rapid social and economic development taking place in China.

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The Hoeft Technology & Management Program 

Europe: Central Banks Tour (Price: $2,500, flight not included)

                -Prof Charles Kahn. Tour Central Banks in Germany, Portugal and London with Prof. Charles


Europe: Management and Culture

                -Prof Shahbaz Gill. Business dynamics in Austria, Germany and France

Austria: International Business Negotiation (awaiting departmental approval)

                -Prof. Jeff Loewenstein. Learn and practice your negotiation skills within a different culture

Spain, Vienna, Ireland: Study Abroad Tour

                -Teresa D’Urso. Reserve for Undergraduate Peer Advisors to learn first-hand about Study Abroad

Honduras: GBB

– Social service education trip. Must be a member of Global Business Brigades

Europe: BADM 320 in Europe (awaiting departmental approval)

– Prof Mark Wolters. Take this required course while touring Europe with Prof Mark Wolters