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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs 2016-2017

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Fall (2016)


Winter Break (Dec/Jan 2017)

application deadline for most winter break programs is September 15


South Africa – ($3700) CLOSED
Johannesburg, Cape Town
Jan 4-15, 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Christine Gozdziak
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
HDFS 379 SA2, 2-credit hours (optional)
33 students
South Africa Trip Info Sheet

APPLY HERE — Deadline extended to Sept 30

South Africa is one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world today. Spend 10 days of your winter break in two South African cities – Johannesburg, the country’s largest city, and Cape Town, the capital on the southern coast – and see first-hand how business is conducted through company visits in both cities.  In addition, you will have a chance to explore the history, people and culture of South Africa. This trip is reserved for Business Honors Students – Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors only. No Freshman Honors students, please. Applications will be accepted on a first-come/first-served basis. By applying for this programming you are indicating a strong commitment to participate. Please do not apply unless you are certain of your ability and desire to participate.

There will be an optional, but highly recommended, 2-hour class on South Africa offered to all participating students before the trip. In HDFS 379 SA2 (2 credit hours), students will learn about the history and culture of South Africa.


Trinidad and Tobago – Doing Business in Paradise  (Price: $2395) CLOSED
Port of Spain
Jan 3-15, 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Dr. Hayden Noel
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
20 students
T&T Trip Info Sheet

APPLY HERE — Deadline extended to Sept 30

Trinidad & Tobago is the True Caribbean, we’ve got something for everyone!

There is no other place in the Caribbean like T&T, home of the steelband, calypso and limbo.
Trinidad boasts a vibrant business community and banking sector. You will visit two of the major financial institutions, including the country’s largest commercial bank and the Central Bank of T&T. In addition we will visit the largest brewery in the Caribbean and the major telecommunications company on the island. We will also have time to Explore the cultural and natural sites on the island, including the Asa Wright Nature Center, Maracas Beach, and the Hummingbird Retreat. You will even get the opportunity to play on a steel pan.  The smaller of the two islands, Tobago, has the best known natural coral reef which we will experience from a glass-bottomed boat. We will visit two of the islands many tranquil beaches. From the thriving business community and natural splendor of Trinidad to the relaxing beaches of Tobago, come explore with Professor Noel, a native of T&T. Two islands. Two unique experiences.


Vietnam – Emerging Business Leaders Program (Price: $1200) CLOSED
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City
Jan 2-11, 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Jewell White
Chaperone(s): Trang Pham, James Noonan
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
20 students
Vietnam Trip Info Sheet


The economy of Vietnam has grown dramatically in recent years. Once an agriculturally based economy, this rising star of Southeast Asia is creating new business and technology sectors. As part of this trip, we will look at the growing business environment in Vietnam and experience the change that this has had on the culture and country. We will also visit Halong Bay, one of the natural wonders of the world and potentially visit locations where many American consumer products are currently being manufactured. Experience the history, economy and natural beauty of Vietnam. Visit historical sites such as the Cu Chi Tunnels, Hoa Lo Prison (where John McCain was kept as a P.O.W) and the Vietnam War Museum. This trip is reserved for Emerging Business Leaders and Enrichment Academy students only.


India – Sustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces (Price: $3500) CLOSED
Bangalore, Delhi, Agra,
Dec 26-Jan 7, 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Dr. Madhu Viswanathan
BADM 395 or 532, 4-credit hours
35 students
India Trip Info Sheet

APPLY HERE Deadline to apply is Oct 7

This trip is for students in the year-long Sustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces course, students in the Professional MBA program, and students in Entrepreneurs Without Borders.

Students in business, engineering, and industrial design spend the fall semester understanding subsistence marketplaces through immersion in this context and through immersion of business principles. The final weeks of the semester are spent on designing market research to be conducted during a field trip. The class travels to India over winter break to conduct market research on this target group. Students observe households in urban and rural subsistence contexts, as well as retail and wholesale outlets. They interview low-literate, low-income individuals in urban and rural settings regarding product ideas for group projects. Students also visit educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporations engaged in the development of innovative programs and technologies for subsistence contexts. The field trip, geared toward visiting the environment of the urban and rural poor, requires considerable planning and rehearsal, and has been a transformative learning experience for the students. The spring semester is spent converting concepts to workable prototypes, and developing manufacturing, marketing and business plans.

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United Arab Emirates –  Emerging Global Hub (Price: $2895) CLOSED
Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Jan 5-15, 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Dr. Shahbaz Gill
Chaperone(s): Dan Anderson
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
25 students
UAE Trip Info Sheet

APPLY HERE — Deadline extended to Sept 23

UAE is a unique confluence of the ancient and modern factors at play in the Middle East. Company visits will be interspersed with a visit to the tallest building in the world and the world’s most beautiful mosque, among other sites and activities.


Honduras – Global Business Brigades
Jan 8-14, 2017
Student Lead(s): Anthony Padilla
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
25 students (Panama)

APPLY HERE Deadline to apply is October 15

Global Business Brigades (GBB) is the world’s largest student-led international development organization. GBB empowers university students nation-wide to provide communities in developing countries with sustainable solutions that improve quality of life while respecting local culture and improving the environment. Open to students from any major who are in the Global Brusiness Brigades RSO. For more information, email Anthony Padilla:

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Spain – Business and Culture with Mark Wolters (Price: $3400) CLOSED
Madrid, Valencia
Jan 4-14, 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Dr. Mark Wolters
Chaperone(s): Jeff Konicek
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
18 students
Spain Trip Info Sheet


Espana es diferente…Join Professor Mark Wolters on a 10-day trip to Spain this winter break. You will visit Spanish and European Union companies, learning how business is done in Spain and how Spanish culture influences daily life and business dynamics. You will also visit the Spanish capital Madrid, Cuenca, the home of the hanging houses, and hit the coast in Valencia. Oh, and we will teach you how to make your very own authentic Spanish paella! Vamonos!.


Hong Kong – Technology &Management International Business Plan Competition
Jan 2017
Faculty Lead(s): John Quarton
Chaperone(s): Jenny Amos
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U

APPLY HERE (Reserved for T&M students only)

This trip is an International business case competition for selected students from the Hoeft Technology & Management program (T&M). The trip is hosted by the HKUST of Hong Kong. On this trip, students from four universities compete together on teams. The topic of the competition is to be announced.


Spring Break (March 2017)

application deadline for most spring break programs is November 15


Rome – The Business and Culture of Food (Price $2700)
March 17-26, 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Dr. Nehemiah Scott
Chaperone(s): Jessica Hawkey
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
20 students


The Rome program focuses on the critical study of the culture, business and politics of food in Italy. The lectures, company visits and excursions will have unique elements, providing memorable experiences for participating students. During the trip, students will study food media and communications, architecture of ancient Rome, art history, social dynamics, economy, and the language and culture of Italy. In-class learning is complemented with visits to study specific sites and locations, food start-ups, cooking lessons, and branding.Open to all Business undergraduates, including Freshmen.


Panama – Global Business Brigades
March 18-24, 2017
Student Lead(s): Anthony Padilla
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
25 students (Panama)


Global Business Brigades (GBB) is the world’s largest student-led international development organization. GBB empowers university students nation-wide to provide communities in developing countries with sustainable solutions that improve quality of life while respecting local culture and improving the environment. Open to students from any major who are in the Global Brusiness Brigades RSO. For more information, email Anthony Padilla:

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US and British Virgin Islands – Tax Haven Paradise (Price: $2495)
St. John
March 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Dr. Michael Donohoe
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
25 students


U.S. and British Virgin Islands tax havens are jurisdictions offering foreign individuals and businesses little or no tax liability and financial secrecy within a stable economic and political environment. While many tax havens exist in the world, the U.S. Virgin Islands are a slice of paradise recently labeled the nation’s one and only, officially sanctioned, full-blown offshore tax haven. Similarly, the British Virgin Islands are a longtime favorite destination for the offshore subsidiaries of many well-known U.S. companies and bank accounts of wealthy individuals. This seven day trip offers a practical setting for experiential learning about tax havens and transactions conducted within their borders by businesses and individuals. The tax and financial reporting implications of tax haven transactions will be a focal point of visits with business, accounting/tax, and government professionals. Students will also complete assigned readings, presentations, and a capstone project. The trip is led by Michael Donohoe, Assistant Professor of Accountancy.


Argentina – Entrepreneurs Without Borders (Price: $2500)
Mendoza, Argentina
March 2017
Faculty Lead(s): Francisco Seufferheld
Chaperone(s): Candace Martinez
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
15 students


During your EWOB experience you will learn about subsistence marketplaces in an international setting. In Mendoza, Argentina you will be immersed in a cultural experience and collaborative effort with a partner university in Argentina. The objective of this study abroad experience is for you to gain a better understanding of subsistence environments and provide an opportunity for you to work with our partners in designing entrepreneurial solutions for farmers and small business owners. You will use Marketplace Literacy Education to teach entrepreneurship in impoverished communities to enable our members to be entrepreneurial. This study abroad experience will also include cultural excursions. The trip is organized through the leadership of professor Madhu Viswanathan, the founder of the Marketplace Literacy Project (, and student leadership from Entrepreneurs Without Borders.


China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Tanzania – Business MBA Global Immersion
Beijing, China; Hong Kong, China; Rio deJaneiro/Sao Paulo, Brazil; Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
March 2017
BUS 199, Sec CHI, 2-hours credit S/U
15-60 students

[Beijing, Hong Kong, Brazil] This is the updated version of the Global Consulting Program (GCP), a 4-credit hour course, taught by Hayden Noel and Andrew Allen.  The class focuses on learning to do business across cultures and countries. You will work on a team and conduct a consulting project for a company based in either China, Hong or Brazil. The project lasts all semester and includes a 7-day trip to China, Hong Kong or Brazil during Spring Break (approx. March 17-25). The trip consists of 3 days working onsite at your client, participating in cultural and outdoor activities and learning about business in that country. For more information contact Chris Peterson –

MBA Global Immersion

[Tanzania] This is a 4 credit-hour course taught by Madhu Viswanathan. A large portion of this course is delivered through online modules. There are also a few in-person workshops.  In this course, you will learn about subsistence marketplaces (Dr. Viswanathan is a world-renowned leader in this space). You will learn to identify the needs of these marketplaces and as a team you will develop a business solution and marketing plan to deliver that solution to the end customers. The in-country experience includes conducting field research to test and validate some of your ideas.


China – Business Executive MBA
Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai
March 2017
BADM 590, 4 credit hours

The Capstone Course is the final course students complete in the Illinois EMBA. This course is layered across several curriculum modules, is linked to several other courses, and culminates with a week-long business immersion trip to China. The course is project based and teams of students work to solve real world business problems for executives at a variety of companies operating in China.

The international immersion experience provides direct exposure to the nature of international business, emerging markets, and the issues faced by executives managing enterprises in emerging and international markets. The trip helps students to connect the international context with the management of business and how effective executives succeed in challenging business environments.


Summer Break (May/June 2017)

application deadline for most summer break programs is February 15


Europe – Business Peer Advisors (Price: $TBA)
Vallendar and Frankfurt, Germany; Milan, Italy; Vienna, Austria
May 13-23, 2017
BUS 199, 1-credit hour, S/U
Faculty Lead(s): Teresa D’Urso and Tim Flanagin
Chaperone(s): TBA
25 students


Experience three European cities through the lens of a student studying abroad, a business leader meeting with companies, and a backpacker exploring the culture and history! After traveling to Frankfurt, Milan, and Vienna, students will be able to share their immersion with their peers in the College of Business and stand out as a leader with global experience. This short-term abroad course is available for College of Business Peer Advisors. Visit this website for more information on this trip.


Singapore/Malaysia: BUS Honors Trip to Southeast Asia (Price: $1000)
Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
May, 2017
BADM 394, 4-credit hours
Faculty Lead(s): Darcy Sementi
Chaperone(s): Jerome Ng
40 students


Freshmen in the Business Honors program spend spring semester in a class with the Honors Dean primarily studying the country they will be visiting as well as the business practices and the political environment. The trip is a combination of lectures at a local university, diverse corporate visits, and cultural enrichment. This trip is open to freshmen in the Business Honors Program.

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Business Honors Program


China: T&M 
Beijing, Shanghai
May 2017
BUS 199, 2-credit hours
Lead Chaperone: John Quarton
Chaperone(s): Trang Pham
53 students

APPLY HERE (Reserved for T&M students only)

The Hoeft Technology & Management (T&M) program’s global immersion trip provides T&M students with an international business experience through a simulated business trip to China organized around multiple corporate visits.  Students develop an awareness of the global nature of business, and experience firsthand the rapid social and economic development taking place in China. This trip is open to T&M students in Business and Engineering.

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Contact T&M for more information on this trip…

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program 


Austria: BADM 395, Negotiating Internationally (Price: $1700, flight to/from Europe not included) 
May, 2017
BADM 395 (section N), 3-credit hours
Faculty Lead(s): Dr. Daisung Jang
30 students


Go to Austria and get course credit at the same time! This short-term, faculty-led, study abroad course teaches a broadly effective framework for negotiating and resolving conflicts. Because business leaders need to work with others to accomplish goals, they need to be skilled negotiators. You will gain the tools of skillful business negotiation from Dr. Daisung Jang and do so in an international setting, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, in Vienna Austria. Austrian students will be participating in this class with you. Throw in some company visits, cultural experiences and plenty of free time to explore and see Austria, and you will have an international study experience you will never forget. This is trip is available to Illinois BUS undergrads as approved by Professor Loewenstein and Dr. Daisung Jang.


Paris – Professional Responsibility in the Real World (Price: $TBA)
May 15-25, 2017
Faculty Lead: Gretchen Winter
BUS 199, 2-credit hour, S/U
Chaperone: Kathryn Rybka
20 students


This study abroad trip will focus specifically on helping students develop a deeper understanding of the challenges global companies face in successfully employing professional responsibility strategies across their organizational network, as well as highlight the ways in which these issues are viewed from an American versus European perspective. Paris, France, an immensely significant center for global commerce, has been selected as the 2017 site for this study abroad experience. Paris offers a rich and dynamic mix of international companies, governmental agencies and not-for-profit organizations, and will serve as a distinctive setting to challenge students to learn about and consider professional responsibility issues in fresh and provocative ways.


New Zealand – IBIP, International Business Immersion Program
May 13-27, 2017
~20 students
ACES/BADM 436 (required Spring 2017 semester) + ACE 199 MVP fall 2017, 5-credit hours
Faculty LEAD: Richard Vogen
Chaperone: Anna Faribairn

This ACES sponsored trip is open to College of Business Undergraduates. Put yourself in the shoes of a global executive as you walk an entire marketing channel from farm to plate. Learn how business works in the real world. Gain rare exposure to the growing global food and agribusiness environment. Stand out in a competitive job market.

Info Sessions…
Friday, September 30, 12:00-1:00 pm, 313 Mumford Hall
Tuesday, October 11, 6:30-7:30 pm, ACES Library Heritage Room

The International Business Immersion Program consists of three inseparable components:

  • a 400-level preparatory business course held during Spring 2017 (ACE/BADM 436)
  • a 14-day immersion study tour; and
  • a public, on-campus presentation and video screening of the groups’ research findings during the Fall 2017 semester.

For more information:


Summer Internship in Ireland
BUS University College Dublin (UCD)
June 13 – August 5, 2016
6 credit hours
Rolling Admission until Feb. 15

The eight week program consists of a two-week academic program at our partner university, UCD,  combined with a six-week internship placement based in Dublin, Ireland.  Students work 32 hours per week at a leading Irish or international company on an unpaid internship. Read more about the internship.  The academic program allows you to experience education in a leading institution while the internship component allows you to gain valuable insight in to a professional arena.  Students take 2 classes and transfer back 6 credit hours.   This is not a faculty-led program.


Email past students who participated in this program