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You will need your birth certificate to order your passport. You can bring all of the necessary materials to the Urbana courthouse near Lincoln Square or to the Champaign Post Office on Mattis Ave. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after you plan to return from your trip or you may not be allowed to enter into the country.

CDC Travel Health Information

Provides travel health tips along with updates on health concerns in specific countries.

U.S. Department of State Travel: Warnings and Consular Information Sheets

Advises U.S. citizens concerning travel risks in specific countries.

The Lonely Planet

Good information on health, maps, subway maps, observations of other travelers, etc.

Hostel World

This website has hostels listed all over the world with tons of reviews. The reviews can only be written by people who have booked their stay through the website which guarantees that they are actually written by people who have stayed there.  You can type in any city and find listings of all of the possible hostels and their rooming options.


Protect yourself!

Rosetta Stone

As a University of Illinois student, you can receive free online foreign language instruction in 30 languages.  For help setting up an account, contact the Literatures and Languages Library at

World Weather Forecasts

Time in Various Countries


Know the expectations by country.

International Electricity

Explains when you’ll need adapters and converters. It is generally best not to bring any appliance that only says “110” on the plug. If you plug these in, either the appliance will be blown out, or you might cause a problem with electricity in the entire building.


Currency Converter (Cheat Sheet)

This site can be used to calculate currency conversions. I recommend that you take a “currency cheat sheet” with you.



Mobile Phones in Europe

Using a Cellphone Abroad

Using SIM Cards While Abroad